Huck defends IBO title against Kucher

Over 4 Million people in Germany watched the unanimous decision victory of Marco Huck over Dmytro Kucher last Saturday, as the reigning IBO-Champion defended his belt.

Marco Huck: "I am over the moon. It's obvious that Kucher was taught well as a boxer, he is a very strong guy. I was handicapped after the fourth round with a fractured hand. I boxed very clever as I started to hold on to Kucher every time I felt like the situation was getting to dangerous. I will stick to my old style of fighting out of a solid defense, which Ulli Wegner taught me."

Wladimir Klitschko: "I think we saw the Marco Huck which we know from his fighting style. He is wild, stubborn and always wants to knock out his opponents. Specially the second half of the fight was full of action."

Henry Maske: "The spectators will have enjoyed this one. The things that stood out today were Marcos fighting abilities, his direct approach and his physical strengths. You could tell that he was in better shape and he was able to force his powers onto his opponent much better than Kucher. After two rounds it was quite clear which way this was going to go."


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