Open workout in Hannover

Marco Huck is in phenomenal shape. The reigning IBO Cruiserweight world Champion presented himself this Wednesday in front of his fans during a public training session. The German takes on the current European champion Dmytro Kucher at the TUI Arean in Hannover, Germany in three days time and after today's event the audience once again was reminded of why they are in for a treat.

But it was the challenger from Ukraine who went into the ring first. And it didn't take long for the fans to see why the 32-year-old is known for his big punching powers. During his turn on the pads with coach Anatolii Gavroliv, Kucher hit the target with precision and speed. Known for not being a man of many words the challenger once again kept quiet with his manager doing the talking. "Dmytro  feels great and is ready for Saturday. The last few weeks have been tough and we just want to get going know."
And then Kucher left, leaving the ring free for Huck. The world champion entered the squared circle with 200 fans cheering him on with Huck also showing off his well renowned power proving that his guarantee of a KO does not seem farfetched. "I am really excited to be back in Hannover. I have only good memories from my fight ten years ago and I will make some even better memories come Saturday. I hope that everyone here today will also show up at the TUI Arena."

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