Dizziness: Challenger McKenzie cancels world championship fight versus Hukić on short notice

Ovill McKenzie has canceled the upcoming IBO Title fight against reigning champion Muamer Hukić due to medical reasons. According to McKenzie's management, the 36 year old Brit has been suffering from acute dizziness. On Monday McKenzie was already the cause for some surprises when he did not show up to the final press conference. Via Skype he explained his absence with the misplacement of his passport.

Muamer Hukić: „Of course I am very disappointed as I have been preparing for this fight and I felt really good and in great shape. I wanted to show everyone that I am not just a puncher but also a good boxer. I feel really sorry for all the fans who wanted to come to the arena or watch the fight in front of their screens. And although injuries and illness can always happen, especially in the sport of boxing, I can't shake of the feeling that McKenzie is just petrified of facing me. This is part of boxing and I won't let it stop me."

Promoter Kenan Hukić: „We are trying to reschedule the fight as soon as we can. The management told us they will send us over official documents as soon as possible in regards to Ovill's health. If he should be out of business for a longer period of time we will start looking for a different, world class opponent to stage another first class fight towards the end of the year."

RTL-Sports Director Loppe: „Short notice cancelations are nothing unusual in this sport and we have dealt with these situations on many previous occasions. I am very sorry for Muamer as I know he was burning to get going. It is also a shame for the fans who wanted to come to the arena as well as the millions who were looking forward to an exciting evening from their homes. We will now be doing everything we can to make sure that Muamer Hukić will fight again towards the end of the year."

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