Marco Huck can now do what he does best. The reigning IBO-Champion will step into the ring for his first title defense on September 24. The 31-year-old will take on Ovill McKenzie at the Festhalle Frankfurt, Germany. In order to be perfectly prepared for his British opponent, Huck has been sweating over the last few weeks at his training camp in Braunlage, Germany. To begin with the champion started with foundation work but now the fun part has begun.


"Finally I can get going", said an excited Huck. "I have been on so many runs and been through countless rounds of shadow boxing to work on my fitness and now I can step into the ring in fight mode and take on real life opponents." Currently the men he faces are only training partners but of course this phase of the camp has a completely different meaning to Huck. "My last fight was six months ago. Hence I can feel the itch in my fists. I am now using the opportunity to work on my game plan and certain combinations."

His coach Varol Vekiloglu is also excited about the coming weeks. "It is obvious that Marco is burning to put his hands on some one. I will probably have to slow him down and protect his sparring partners. We are now preparing him for McKenzie and I already know that it will not be a good night for the Brit."

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