Muamer Hukic is the new IBO Cruiserweight World Champion. The 31-year-old beat Ola Afolabi last Saturday in Halle/Westfalen Germany by TKO after ten rounds and once more proved that he belongs to the very top of the division.


Right from the start Hukic was content to show every one that he means business and wasn’t there to play around. With his usual aggression and no nonsense style he put Btitain’s Ola Afolabi under a lot of pressure right from the get go.


Although Afolabi was trying to keep up the pace of his opponent, Hukic step up a gear with every single round passing and gave a great performance with his defensive as well as attacking work rate. In fact the fourth encounter between the pair whose rivalry seems to be a never ending story was Hukic’s most impressive performance against the 36-year-old. In round three Afolabi’s right eye began to swell after the Serbian born German landed various strong shoots.


Instructed by his new coach Varol Vekiloglu, Hukic started to use his right hand more and more, taking full advantage of the former champion’s injury. Referee Jack Reiss had to check on Afolabi several times. Finally after round ten was completed Reiss had to stop the fight as he deemed Afolabi to be unfit to continue, crowning Hukic as the IBO cruiserweight world champion.


“Styles make fights”, said the defeated former champion. “We could fight a hundred times and it would always be the same result.” But Hukic was full of praise for his opponent. “Afolabis head must be made of steal. I kept on throwing hard shots at him but he just didn’t go down. He deserves a lot of respect.”


But immediately after regaining a world title, the new IBO Champion set his sights on his next target, a rematch with the man who surprisingly took his old title away from him last August. “I wanted to fight Glowacki straight away. My brother Kenan offered him a bag full of money but he declined. Now we will again try to make the fight happen. I want to set the record straight!”


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