Only real boxing experts could have predicted how successful a young Marco Huck would turn out to be. But the German himself always had confidence and believe in his own abilities. “I used to be very energetic as a young kid. That’s why I got into martial arts and quickly rose up the ranks to win a European and world title as a Kickboxer.” And the success continued to follow the then 19-year-old when he joined the pro-boxers. “It only took me two years before I won my first title, the EBU-EU belt and now I have already held the WBO World Championship for over five years. After my recent 13thdefense the organization made me their super-champion.”
But the people who know Huck will also know that he won’t rest on his laurels. “My brother Kenan and I have big plans with our own promotional company, Huck Sports Promotion. “Next year will see us putting our own show together and defending my title for a record breaking 14th time, and overtaking the previous record holder Johnny Nelson. In the not too distant future I want to move to the heavyweight division to clean it up just like I did at cruiserweight. My fans definitely have a lot of spectacular fights to look forward to.

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